Mulla's neighbour was a tough teacher. It was a tough place for students as his assessment methodologies for annual examinations were too complicated that most students go disheartened. Considering this tough nature of his examination, in the village, it was considered whoever goes through that tough grilling and gets good grade are really great minds. So the parents would always rush for a seat in his class for their children.
Seeing children always walk out of his class with sad faces, mulla went to the teacher and asked why does he make the assessments so tough and complicated.
Teacher proudly replied, " as a teacher one has to start from the reach of roots to branches to understand the growth holistically..."
Mulla did not say any word and came out. Once came outside, he started taking out the beautiful flower plants from soil that were planted at their boundaries. Mulla would lift the plants one by one from soil and examine its roots and plant it back. This process continued next day and the day after too. 
In two days most of the plants have started to die and angry neighbourhood teacher yelled at Mulla " mulla what are you doing ? you are killing those beautiful plants"
Mulla politely replied, " oh I am just examining its growth..."
"..but that you can see it from outside that they are blossoming... " shouted back the teacher
Mulla politely smiled at him and said "oh you knew it...." :-)

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